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Pet Neutering

Pet Neutering for Abilene, TX & the Surrounding Areas!

Pet neutering is a decision that a pet owner must make for themselves. At our veterinarian hospital, we find it is important to neuter your pet because it keeps the pet population down. 

We love pets, but in many states there are several thousands of homeless pets in need of homes that are ultimately euthanized because there aren't as many people to adopt them. At Merkel Veterinary Clinic, we hate to have to see any pet be euthanized, especially because a lack of people wanting to adopt a pet.

Veterinarian Hospital & Clinic, Abilene, TX
Pet Neutering, Abilene, TX

Our Pet Clinic Has Your
Pet's Health and Happiness in Mind! 

Many people may not know that spaying and neutering your pets can have a positive effect on your pet's health and behavior. If you have a female pet and decided to spay her, she will be that much more likely to live a longer life. 

Neutering your male pets can also significantly improve their behavior. Neutering male pets decreases aggressive or territorial behaviors and can help them become much more family friendly!

Our pet neutering services are affordable and we always treat your pets like family, so you know your pets are in good hands. Call us today if you have any questions about our pet clinic!
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